Community Health Service Inc. (CHSI) provides access to services for migrant and seasonal farm workers. CHSI relies on dedicated providers like you to serve the needs of the farm workers and their family members. You are among a network of providers in Minnesota and North Dakota whose commitment has resulted in a significant number of farm workers having access to primary health care and improving their health.

Our project year begins on February 1 of every year and will continue to emphasize cost containment. We will need to follow our guidelines in order to stay within the federal guidelines for cost containment. CHSI does not have the financial capabilities of paying for all services for persons who are registered with our program.

Fee Schedule

  • CHSI is not able to pay for medications for patients covered by Medicaid/Medicare or other third party insurance. Please bill their insurance. CHSI does not cover medications that are not covered by Medicaid/Medicare.
  • CHSI authorizes the medications written on the voucher up to $100 per patient per month. (If a patient would bring in other scripts not authorized on the voucher, patient will be responsible for the cost of these medications.)(Will help up to $200 if patient has a prescription for insulin)
  • CHSI reimbursement levels are for generic medications only. If a generic medication is not available, CHSI will reimburse brand name drugs using CHSI M.A.C. pricing plus dispensing fee of $4.00.
  • If a medication is marked DAW, a copy of the prescription must be submitted or the generic will be reimbursed. No retroactive DAW will be paid.
  • Medication guidelines – Please refer to Services Not Covered by Community Health

C. – Pharmacy Medications

D. – Equipment/Supplies


If you have further questions, please contact Kim Pederson by email or by phone at 1-218-422-7423.