CommunityHealth Service Inc. (CHSI) provides access to services for migrant and seasonal farm workers. CHSI relies on dedicated providers like you to serve the needs of the farm workers and their family members. You are among a network of providers in Minnesota and North Dakota whose commitment has resulted in a significant number of farm workers having access to eye care and maintaining their eye health.

Our project year begins on February 1 every year and will continue to emphasize cost containment. CHSI does not have the financial capabilities of paying for all services for persons who are registered with our program.

Fee Schedule

  • CHSI does not have the financial capabilities to pay for all services that are rendered by providers to persons registered with our program. The patient, parent or guardian is responsible for paying the balance once CHSI has paid the maximum allowed.
  • Patients need prior approval from the health center or our central office, or the patient will present with a voucher at the time of the appointment before vision care is provided.